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Complete Outdoor Environments

Landscaping Services

Modern landscaping can go far beyond traditional planting and grooming to create outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and functional. Zerra Landscaping has set the standard among landscaping companies for outdoor living areas in Kelowna, by creating outdoor areas that can offer relaxing spaces for you and your family.

It’s all about your vision for your space. Whether you’re looking to create a natural pool area, quiet dining spot, a custom fire pit or a total entertainment center, it all begins with your needs and wants in mind. Our professional design team will take your thoughts and put them into action. We will draft a detailed architectural design specifically for your property including plant types, stone choices and uses of wood and other materials. Landscape design is an important step in obtaining a cohesive outdoor living space.  A well thought out design ensures that the entire plan comes together to create the look and feel you’re after.


Our designers carefully consider the clients’ wishes and needs. Using the fundamentals of contemporary design we achieve unique and inspired results. Topography, exposure and soil conditions are examined to bring good horticultural practices into design.


Our experienced irrigation designers see to it that a suitable and water efficient system is installed in every job. We fit each system with quality parts from Rainbird and Hunter – better components – less callbacks.

Water Features>

There is no single element more effective in bringing charm and magic to the garden than a water feature. The calming effects of water help one to unwind and the cheerful sound of water is effective in masking urban noise. Water features are ecologically sound, requiring less water than if the area were planted in lawn. We offer maintenance programs including winterizations, cleanings, pH testing and pond health assessments. Our experience and attention to detail in this area allow us to achieve stunning results.

Rockwork & Rock Walls

Rockwork is a specialty of Zerra Landscaping. Rock walls are a decorative and functional solution for elevation changes and planters. Rock steps are natural for addressing access issues on slopes. Flagstone makes lovely paths and patios.


Landscape lighting is a great way to extend the enjoyment of the landscape into the evening hours. Backlighting and uplighting create dancing shadows, while patio and path lighting provide a warm glow for outdoor entertaining.

Paths & Patios

A patio built of pavers or flagstone is the perfect way to create a flawless transition from an indoor room to outdoor spaces. In our creative installations we address drainage and proper compaction for beautiful, long lasting results.

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