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Since 1995

Zerra Landscaping Ltd. was founded in Kelowna, BC in 1995. Since then we have built a reputation and workforce we are extremely proud of.   The educational and professional background of our staff is diverse yet complementary to ensure integration of creative and technical services.

Zerra Landscaping Ltd. has been recognized by the BCLNA as well as honoured with a Gold Tommie award for excellence in landscape design.   Our high standards and professional service are reflected in our referral rate. Referrals from satisfied clients account for over 90% of our work.

With single minded determination to provide high quality service and product,  Zerra Landscaping focuses on creating outdoor spaces of the highest detail and distinction. These spaces range from intensive smaller gardens to impressive acre plus estates.

Landscape Contractor




For me, a successful project is one in which the process and the finished product have an enriching effect on everyone involved. Nurturing a positive intention within the company and maintaining a connection with our client throughout the construction is key to achieving inspired results. I have yet to tire of hearing “the project is better than we imagined”. This kind of end result is not only satisfying for clients but for me and my team as well. I look forward to speaking with you about how we might share in this experience.

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