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Rock Walls Kewolna

Rockwalls Landscaping and Construction

No matter the size of your space, there are many design strategies that can be used to enhance your environment.

  • Rock Walls can offer height, drainage and land retention
  • Natural and paving-stone patios provide a high end look and feel, creating gathering areas in which to entertain and enjoy your space.
  • Timber structures offer privacy as well as anchor seating and cooking areas.
  • Water Features offer an aesthetic focal point in a garden, but also have a practical advantage. The mesmerizing sound offers a soothing counterpoint to a hectic day.
  • Landscape Lighting provides safety and extends the enjoyment of your space beyond daylight hours.
  • An efficient irrigation system is designed with water use in mind and ensures that you investment will grow.

Rockwall Construction Process

Once the design has been approved, your Landscape Contractor will implement a construction plan and begin the exciting process of remodeling your outdoor space.  Transforming your yard into the outdoor room of your dreams is our pride and joy.  We are committed to offering superior quality and service to our Kelowna community.

At Zerra Landscaping, we specialize in rock wall design and construction in the Kelowna area.  This field requires an intimate understanding of specific site and soil conditions as well as material choices.  Our professional team has the experience and know-how to get the job done with expert results.

Rock Walls

Rock walls can be used in a number of design applications such as addressing elevation changes or building focal points such as planters and water features.

These architectural features can also have a functional purpose as well.  Retaining walls can prevent land erosion due to run off or other environmental factors, and often create level areas to increase functionality and enjoyment of the space.

Rock Work

In order to take advantage of the breath-taking views the Okanagan has to offer, many homes are built on sloping topography.  Rock walls when combined with staircases provide stability and safe access to areas that might otherwise be unsafe.  Material selection and sound construction practices are key to a functional and esthetically pleasing design.

In many applications, various pathways can be included in the design to define spaces and add elegance to the space. Pathways define traffic areas and create interest in your design.

When planning your landscaping project, it is important to use a landscaping company that has an intimate understanding of rock wall construction.  Improper construction practices can lead to shifting and eventual failure.  Not only can this cause property damage or personal injury, the cost to rebuild can often be more than twice the original amount spent.

At Zerra Landscaping, we pride ourselves on thoughtful design, innovative building strategies and unparalleled customer service.   From vision to reality, we make your outdoor spaces come to life.

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