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Water Features Kelowna

Zerra Landscaping – Water Features

Professional landscaping enhances your outdoor living area and allows you to make the most of your time outside.  Including a water feature in your landscape design elevates your outdoor space to the next level.  Water features can help to define separate spaces within your property or can serve as beautiful focal points to accent your garden, rock wall or seating areas.  Our experienced team can help you design a plan that incorporates customized water features that are suited to the climate here in Kelowna.

Water feature with stone work


A beautiful pond can be a great addition to your design.  Ponds offer a charming visual feature and also introduce the tranquil sound of water to your yard.  As a part of your overall design, it is important to choose the right location for your pond – one that ensures it will be seen and enjoyed but won’t interrupt the flow of your landscape plan.  We will make sure that this focal point can be appreciated from different vantage points within your space.  Finishing off your pond with rocks and stone incorporates it seamlessly into the rest of your garden and gives it an overall professional look.  We complete the look with the addition of water plants such as lilies and water hyacinth in complementary hues for a pop of colour and interest.  For added appeal, consider adding koi or goldfish to your pond as well.


Waterfalls can be a great feature in your landscaping plan.  Nothing adds more impact to your outdoor space than the look and sound of a well designed waterfall.  Stone work is strategically placed to allow the water to cascade and flow over the rocks in a natural, graceful way.  Waterfalls can also be designed with several reservoirs, allowing the water to pool at various intervals on its way down to the bottom.  Water is then pumped back up to the top of the waterfall for an attractive, continuous flow.  Once completed with some water plantings and accented with landscape lighting and greenery, your waterfall will be a stunning feature that is sure to be the showcase of your yard.

Pond-less Water Feature

If you like the idea of a pond, but can’t have one due to either space constraints or the safety concerns of standing water, a pondless water feature may be right for you.  This is a simple feature that allows you to enjoy the peaceful sound of moving water without the need to keep a standing reservoir.  Instead, water from an underground store is continually circulated through the system with the use of a pump.  This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a water feature on your property without the need for a pond.

Flowing Water

Just because your property didn’t come with a natural river doesn’t mean you can’t have one.  We can design and implement a water feature that mimics a babbling brook running through your outdoor space.  As either a stand alone feature, or as a part of a waterfall or pond system, we can create the look and feel of a creek winding its way around your property.  Using stone work, strategic planting and pump systems, we can create a final result that is natural looking and blends perfectly with your existing landscaping.

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